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B51MP_2017-2018: Masters Dissertation

Για τη βαθμολόγηση της εργασίας, θα πρέπει να υποβληθεί ένας αντίστοιχος συμπιεσμένος φάκελος:

MSc in Energy Systems

Το υποβληθέν αρχείο θα πρέπει να έχει την αντίστοιχη ονομασία: (Cohort_xx_Surname_Name_RE&FFbT_Assign._...)

Foundations of Energy

Building Energy Management

Critical Analysis & Research Preparation

Demand Management & Energy Storage

Electrical Power Systems & Power Electronics

Energy Economics

Energy Systems Optimization

Environmental Impact Assessment

Renewable Energy Technologies

Solar Energy Applications

Strategic Technology & Business Planning

Wind Energy Applications

MBA Ενεργειακές και Περιβαλλοντικές Επενδύσεις

Design, Implementation and Operation of Environmental and Energy Projects

Energy and Environmental Business Activities. Planning, Funding and Implementation. Forecasting Methods. Innovation and Development

Energy and Environmental Economics

Energy Production and Distribution Systems - Energy Storage Smart Grids and Distributed Generation

Energy and Environmental Economics

Energy Saving and Rational Energy Use

Environmental Impact Assessment - Best Practices

Environmental Technologies and Sustainable Development

EU and National Legislation and Policy for Energy and Environment- Social Acceptance of Energy and Environmental Projects

Pollution Control Processes and Plants-Recycling

R and D Applications - Industrial Case Studies

Renewable Energy and Fossil Fuels based Technologies

Research Methodology

Short Intensive Courses in Energy and Environment

Techno-economic Evaluation of Energy and Environmental Investments

MBA Energy Dissertations and Presentation

MSC Oil and Gas

Conventional and Renewable Energy Technologies (Συμβατικές και Ανανεώσιμες Ενεργειακές Τεχνολογίες)

Basics of Refinery Processess

Process Safety in Hydrocarbons Processes-Risk Assessment (Oil Refineries, Gas Production)

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