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Tilos 2nd Summer School 2018

General Information

Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems (HRES) that incorporate Energy Storage (ES) technologies, as well as advanced Demand Side Management (DSM) techniques and Energy Saving mechanisms constitute an excellent solution for meeting the energy needs of autonomous electricity grids. The scientific team of Soft Energy Applications and Environmental Protection Laboratory (SEA & ENVIPRO Lab) has been active in this field since 1990s. In 2015, under the European research programme “TILOS” (Horizon 2020), SEA & ENVIPRO Lab and the project partners initiated the development of an innovative HRES at the island of Tilos On this basis, SEA & ENVIPRO Lab, together with the Center of Technology and Research of Piraeus and Islands organize the Second Tilos Summer School (TSS- 2018), entitled “Hybrid Solutions based on Renewable Energy Sources”.


TSS-2018 is aiming to provide advanced knowledge about HRES and their application in small and medium scale autonomous electricity grids for maximizing the penetration of Renewable Energy Sources and the long- term environmental and economic benefits.

Why Tilos?

Tilos is a very beautiful island, well-known for its rich ecosystem and locals’ hospitality, located at the South-Eastern Aegean Sea ( At the same time, Tilos hosts the very first HRES in Greece, which together with DSM aspects comprise an advanced smart island.

For Whom?

TSS-2018 refers to those who are interested in Renewable Energy Sources and more specifically in HRES, Energy Storage, Forecasting and Demand Side Management techniques as well as to those who are interested in visiting the innovative infrastructures of the Tilos Hybrid Power Station for on-site learning about real-world’s implementation challenges.

By Whom?
TSS-2018 is organized by SEA & ENVIPRO Lab and the Optimisation of Production Systems Laboratory, of the University of West Attica, with the contribution of EU experts and practitioners and the support of the Tilos Municipality.

Check the brochure of the Summer School by clicking here

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