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Current Research Activities

The current research interests and corresponding activities of S.E.A.LAB focus on modern science and real problems in the field of energy and the environment.

The research projects that are currently being produced in the laboratory include a number of issues, for example:

  •   Effect of deposits of solid particles on the efficiency of P/V data.
  •   Benchmarking of Electric Energy Storage Systems.
  •   The economic assessment of wind-reversible hydroelectric stations.
  •   Optimal sizing of hybrid RES.
  •   Development of a Solar Map in Greece.
  •   Maximizing penetration of RES in the energy balance.
  •   Economic evaluation of interventions for energy savings in buildings.
  •   The design and operation of combined water - energy production in remote areas.
  •   The analysis and utilization of biomass supply chain.
  •   Study of the social dimension of financing private investments in RES.
  •   Design and development of the certification activity for electric accumulators.
  •   Design, technical and financial evaluation of alternative fuels.
  •   Desalination technologies in combination with different types of RES.
  •   Proactive monitoring functionalities of wind turbines to optimize the turbine of wind parks maintenance.
  •   Use of hydrogen as fuel.
  •   Solar power stations for electricity and drinking water production.
  •   Comparative study for the social acceptance of power plants with renewable energy utilization.
  •   Study of factors affecting the adoption of energy saving measures and implementation of renewable energy systems by the community.
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