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Design Projects

The Soft Energy Applications Laboratory, undertakes consulting and applied research projects in the fields of energy and the environment. Within this framework, the Lab works with the Center for Technological Research of Piraeus & Islands and with public and private agencies, providing top quality Consulting services based on its extended experience in these fields.

Examples include the following projects:

  1. "Experimental Data Analysis and Evaluation of the Hellenic Ministry of Transport Air Pollution Lab", for the Ministry of Transport and Communications.
  2. "Evaluattion of existing data and exportation of the relevant conclusions for wind farms, located at Loutsa, Tourla and Moutzouri, at Laconia prefecture ", Center for Technological Research of Piraeus & Islands
  3. " Micrositing of wind turbines, type E-48 for the wind parks located at Loutsa, Tourla and Moutzouri, at Laconia prefecture", Technological Research Centre of Piraeus and Islands.
  4. "Techno-Economic analysis of water Desalination with Utilization of exhaust heat from SES Linoperamata", in collaboration with the University of Crete for the Union of Municipalities of Crete.
  5. "Techno-Economic analysis of Small Hydropower Stations in Epirus" for the company EMPEDOS.
  6. "Preliminary Use of Natural Gas Cogeneration System in the City of Nicaea", on behalf of the municipality of Nicaea.
  7. "A pilot Proposal for Energy Saving in TEI Piraeus Buildings"on behalf of TEI Piraeus, in the scheme "Energy Conservation for the Foundation "
  8. "Evolution of the Mechanical Engineering Department with establishing new direction focusing on environmental technology", under EPEAEK.
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