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Environment and Industrial Development

The optional course "Environment and Industrial Development" is offered as part of the RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCES and ENVIRONMENTAL courses.

This module is related to the "Basic Principles of Ecology", "Atmospheric Pollution – Antipollution Technologies", "Waste Treatement Facilities(Theory and Laboratory)" and "Technology of Environmental Measurements (Theory and Laboratory)" modules.

THe following subjects are included in this module:

  •   Growth with respect to the Enviroment, Ecological Movement, European Programmes for Sustainable Development, Environment and Sustainable Development, Global Pollution and National Rights
  •   Natural World and Environment, Ecosystem, Key Global Ecosystems
  •   Energy and Air Pollution, Record of Energy- Air Pollution in Greece
  •   Greenhouse Effect, National Program on Climate Change
  •   Effect of Destruction of the Stratospheric Ozone.
  •   Effect of Acid Rain - Destruction of Historic Monuments
  •   Introduction to Concepts of Social-Environmental Energy Cost. Assays for External Cost of Energy.
  •   Global environmental problems, Soil Desertification, Biodiversity Reduction of Our Planet
  •   Water Pollution, Assessment of Seas Pollution Control Methods.
  •   Nuclear Energy-Nuclear Applications, Radioactive Pollution-Nuclear Accidents
  •   Introduction to Toxic Waste. Toxic Waste Management
  •   Introduction to Solid Waste Disposal Problem, Basic Principles of Landfill Sites Management
  •   Introduction to National and European Legal Framework for Environmental Protection. Legislative Framework for Editing Environmental Impact Studies
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