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1/9/2015 - "Supporting Electro-mobility in Smart Cities Using Solar EV Charging Stations" at Med Green Forum-III, Florence Italy 2015

2/12/2014 - Have you watched the Wind Day video yet?

1/11/2014 - External evaluation report for the department of Mechanical Engineering in TEI Piraeus

Graduation Ceremony of M.Sc. in Energy at TEI Piraeus - Jan 2013

Graduation ceremony of M.Sc. in Energy at Heriot Watt University - Jan 2012

Graduation Ceremony from M.Sc. in Energy at TEI Piraeus - 2012

Graduation Ceremony from M.Sc. in Energy at TEI Piraeus - 2011

S.E.A.Lab participated at the 11th International Congress "World Renewable Energy Conference"


Soft Energy Applications Laboratory, along with Optimisation of Production Systems Laboratory of TEI Piraeus, participated at the 11ο International Congress "World Renewable Energy Conference XI", that took place at Abu Dhabi (24.09-01.10.2010).

The aim of the conference was the presentation of progress in all fields of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) as well as to encourage and support the promotion of RES in all countries. The Conference refers to the fields of biomass, wind, solar, wave energy, Geothermal, and issues Energy Strategy and Policy.

At the conference, the work of ten members of the Laboratory was presented, referred to research and Consulting activities:

  •   'The wind energy evolution: From a complementary energy source to a leading priority in the global energy scene',_ J. K. Kaldellis (invited paper)
  •   'Optimization methods and tools for sustainable water resources management. Experiences and trends',_ Emilia Kondili, J K Kaldellis (invited paper)
  •   'Technological and Environmental Impacts Evaluation of Biomass and Biofuels'_ Supply Chain', Christiana Papapostolou, Emilia Kondili and J. K. Kaldellis
  •   'Wind-based Combined Electricity and Clean Water Production for Remote Islands'_, E. Kondili, J. K. Kaldellis, D. Tiligadas
  •   Experimental validation of the optimum photovoltaic angle in urban environment areas,_ Kosmas A. Kavadias, John Karagiannis, Dimitrios Zafirakis and J. K. Kaldellis
  •   Dust Deposition Impact on Photovoltaic-Assisted Water Pumping Systems_, J. K. Kaldellis, Panagiotis Fragos, Marina Kapsali, Dimitrios Zafirakis and Georgios Spyropoulos
  •   Optimization of energy autonomous wind-photovoltaic hybrid systems_, D. Zafirakis, J. K. Kaldellis, K. Kavadias
  •   Evaluation of noise impact on the basis of acoustic noise emissions measurements for onshore wind farms_,  C. Garakis, J. K. Kaldellis
  •   Size optimization of wind-based pumped hydro storage systems based on economic criteria, M_. Kapsali, K. Anagnostopoulos, J. K. Kaldellis
  •   Building Comprehensive Meteorological Data Files with the Use of Artificial Neural Networks,_ K. A. Kavadias, A. G. Paliatsos, K. P. Moustris, I. K. Larissi and A. Bartzokas

Besides the two invitees work, which presented the latest developments in wind energy and optimization of water resource management, the remaining tasks are products of research efforts of undergraduate and postgraduate students of the Faculty of Engineering, in collaboration with other laboratories and Departments of TEI Piraeus, and National Technical University of Athens and the University of Ioannina.

The conference, in which more than 500 research scientists from at least 60 states were presented , was very interesting and it is estimated that the presence of members of the Mechanical Engineering Department of TEI Piraeus advertised the work of the TEI Laboratories and TEI Piraeus in general. The next 12 ^ ^ the World Conference will be held in Denver, USA in 2012.

The Laboratory director and Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Professor JK Kaldellis,was awarded at   11ο International World Renewable Energy Conference for his contribution in the field of Wind Energy

As part of World Renewable Energy Conference XI, held in Abu Dhabi (24.09-01.10.2010)  the Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of TEI Piraeus, Prof. JK Kaldellis, was awarded the Pioneering Award for his contribution to the development of research in the field of Wind Energy.

The prize was awarded by the President of the Scientific Committee the Conference and the President of World Renewables Energy Council Prof. A. Sayigh.


On Friday 28 May 2010  a seminar was held at TEI Piraeus on:

  • Energy Studies and Energy Audit of Buildings
  • Education and Professional Opportunities

The conference was initiated by the Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering Professor JK Kaldellis, in an effort of continuous updating of information to our students and all interested parties on modern scientific and professional challenges.

Trip to SES Megalopolis, in Arcadia

S.E.A.Lab held a field trip in 2009 to the fourth power generation unit of SES Megalopolis, in order to present the site to students.

 Trip to SES Lavrion

S.E.A.Lab held a field trip at 3,4 and 5 unit of SES Lavrion, in which energy is produced with natural gas.

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