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Fluid Dynamics Machinery (Theory)

The laboratory course "Fluid Dynamics Machinery" is offered in the 5th semester of studies in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, as part of the courses on FLUID DYNAMICS, that are taught by the staff of the Laboratory of Soft Energy Applications and Environmental Protection.

This module is related to the "Fluid Dynamics Machinery (Laboratory)", "Fluid Mechanics (Theory and Laboratory)" and "Applied Fluid Mechanics (Theory and Laboratory)"courses, with strong links in terms of knowledge of the subject.

The following subjects are included in this module:

  •   Classification, Characteristic Sizes of fluid dynamics engines, Brief Historical Background
  •   Flow in Mechanical Installations, one-dimensional flow in pipes (Fundamental Equations)
  •   Installation of Machinery that produce work (Energy Analysis, typical pipeline, Calculation of pressure loss, pressure distribution)
  •   Theory of fluid dynamics machinery, flow field within the machine, Equation of Euler Turbomachinery (Triangles speed)
  •   Fluid dynamics Machinery Fins (vane-types, applications for various types of flaps)
  •   Dimensionless Characteristic numbers, Similarity Relations
  •   Machinery Operation Cooperation (machines in series and parallel)
  •   Special Problems (Cavitation, Hydraulic Hammer)
  •   Turbine types, key turbine sizes, turbine selection.
  •   Turbine operations, Cavitation, Similarity, Dimensioning hydraulic turbine
  •   Reversible Hydroelectric Projects, Greek Program, Utilization Hydroelectric Project
  •   Turbine Principles and Provisions, Open Cycle Provisions, Closed Circle Provisions
  •   Aircraft Turbine Engines, Industrial Gas Turbines
  •   Perfect Circles, Real Cycles, Cycle Computing Applications
  •   Special Fluid Machinery (Gear Pumps, Piston Pumps, Package)
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