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The Soft Energy Applications Laboratory was founded in the late 80’s and has been housed permanently at its present site since 1991. From that time on its presence has been constant with the participation of scientific and educational staff. In 2000 it was renamed to  Soft Energy Applications and Environmental Protection Laboratory (S.E.A. & E.P. Lab), giving emphasis on the environmental parameter of modern society and reflecting its activities in the field of environmental protection.

Scientists and researchers who served the Laboratory and contributed to the course include Professor Manthos Santamouris (1989-1990), the Research Director Konstantinos Balaras (1991-1993), the late Professor Panagiotis Charonis (1990-2000),  John Sigalas and Athena Gaglia. More specifically, the Soft Energy Applications Laboratory began concerted efforts in September 1991 with the concurrent presence of Dr Balaras, Dr Kaldellis, Mr Sigalas and Mrs. Gaglia.

The decade 1991-2000 was followed by a systematic effort to organize the laboratory room and the further development of related courses. In October 1993 the Lab acquired the first permanent member of scientific staff, and following the environmental parameter was added to the research interests of the laboratory. Later, Pavlos Konstantinidis and Kosmas Kavadias joined in the Laboratory staff, both graduates of the Department of Mechanical Engineering with research interests focused on the management of solid waste and the development of hybrid energy levels, respectively. Also, Mrs Despina Vlachou, a graduate of N.T.U.A.(Mechanical Engineering) joined. At the end of that decade, the Laboratory attempts - with the assistance of TEI Piraeus fellow Professors - the organization of the first National Conference on "Renewable Energy Technologies and Environment", an effort which was crowned with success.
With the advent of the new millennium, the Laboratory strengthened and expanded its interests in the areas of energy and environmental protection. Young scientists gradually join the team, like Konstantinos Chalvantzis and George Spyropoulos, while the available infrastructure is significantly improved.

During the last half of the previous decade a second scientific member is appointed to a permanent position, Mr. Kavadias and the scientific-research staff of the Laboratory is supplemented by Zafirakis Dimitris (2005) and Marina Kapsali (2009).

At the same time, support and assistance of several undergraduate students in the Department of Mechanical Engineering is recorded and students are involved in activities of the Laboratory during the period of their internship in it, and with their dissertations contribute significantly to the research activities of the Laboratory.

Also in 2006, the Laboratory - despite the suffocating circumstances of the relevant legislation - in cooperation with Herriot-Watt University, UK runs MSc in Energy Postgraduate Programme.

At the same time the Laboratory's activities are expanded and collaborations with a number of other research groups, institutions and companies are grounded, like the Laboratory of Fluid Mechanics and Laboratory of Fluid Dynamics Machinery, run (until 2009) by Professor Pericles Koronakis, and Optimization of Production Systems Laboratory, headed by Associate Prof. Emilia Kondili.

Despite the limited public funding of research, the dynamic team of the Laboratory and its partners have opened their sails for a challenging and yet beautiful journey into the world of knowledge, contributing significantly to the development of the Laboratory through progress on a series of technological activities and development for the benefit of the country and society.

Athens, 13-11-2011

Director of Soft Energy Applications and Environmental Protection,
Dr. I.K. Kaldellis

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