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Equipment Type Description Picture
Wind Turbine:   Southwest Windpower - Whisper 100 - 900 Watt Small horizontal axis wind turbine with low noise and energy production capacity from low wind speeds. Used to generate electricity that covers part of the energy needs of the laboratory, while continuous data recording operation takes place. Dimensions: rotor diameter 2,1 m, swept area 3.7m2

Photovoltaics  (610Wp) The PV plant consists of two independent photovoltaic panels,made of polycrystalline silicon, comprising a total of 12 modules, type "LA361-K51S". The panels are facing south and the inclination is variable from 0 ° to 90 ° in steps of 5 °. Used to produce electricity that covers part of the energy needs of the laboratory, while at undergraduate, postgraduate and research level,  the behavior of energy in various operating conditions is studied and analyzed. 

Underwater Pump *The Submersible DC Pump is used to store excess solar and wind energy in the form of potential energy of water, placed in the tank at the roof of the building.

Hybrid Station The hybrid power station includes the PV's and wind turbine of the laboratory, which produce energy together. This energy can be stored in batteries for the laboratory or in the form of potential energy in a water tank on the roof of the building
Data Loggers The Laboratory uses two data loggers, Stylitis 10 and Stylitis 40.
Experimental solar collectors 4m2 The installation includes a total of 4 independent solar collectors (without window and single glazed) connected in series. The collectors are used in experiments and also cover the needs of the laboratory in warm water. They also supply thermal energy to the plant bioreactor production of biogas.

Biogas Plant- Ecoder Enterprises/ Didacta Re-Biomas The biogas plant comprises of a cylindrical bioreactor settling tank(made of a plastic transparent material)separating the liquid from the solid phase, a holding CO2 tank,  a BOD measuring device and a gas storage tank. 

Radiometric station
*The radiometric station is located on the roof of the building of TEI Piraeus, consisting of 6 Eppley pyranometers . The radiometric station records the total and diffuse solar radiation and the solar radiation in the 4 cardinal directions (North, South, East and West). Used for the continuous recording of solar radiation at the TEI Piraeus area, as well as making experimental measurements in laboratory exercises.
Double Glazed Collector The Double Glazed  Solar collector has an area of 2 m{^}2 ^and a selective surface. It is used to perform experimental measurements on laboratory exercises.

Solar Collector --- Intersection
This Solar Collector was cut in order to expose the layers that is comprised of. It is used to demonstrate how a solar collector works. 

Experimental Vacuum Collector 
The Experimental Vacuum Collector is used to perform experimental measurements in laboratory exercises and recently incorporated an experimental solar cooling device.
Concentrating Solar Collector The parabolic concentrating solar collector uses a shaped mirror to provide higher temperature to a blackbody. The device has a mechanism that can change the angle of incidence of the solar rays and can host different blackbodies. It is used to perform experimental measurements on laboratory exercises.
Experimental Device Connection of Photovoltaic Cells --- Electronica Veneta/ SM-804 A/EV *This is a kit of photovoltaic cells, consisting of different shape and power modules, and the possibility of connecting in series and in parallel. The experimental setup is complemented by an ohmic resistance, pyranometer and artificial lighting lamps. The experimental setup is used to implement experimental measurements under different setups and conditions on laboratory exercises.
Experimental Wind Turbine --- HWP-2 *The small experimental variable speed wind turbine, with a diameter of 0.91m, has editable pitch and six removable fins. It is used to perform experimental measurements on laboratory exercises.
Anemometer  --- OSK 7106 *The anemometer measures wind speed and direction over analogue instruments. It is used to perform experimental measurements on laboratory exercises.
Pyranometers *The pyranometers log the values of solar radiation at different spots.
BOD - Hach measuring system A measuring device for Biochemical Oxygen Demand(BOD).

Solar Rule This instrument measures the time of sunrise and sunset, the time of day, angle of the sun and the solar azimuth and daily orbits, the angle of maximum sunstroke one collector and the matching between the solar year and the showing of the clock hour. It consists of three surfaces disposed one above the other, of which one is kept constant, while the two transparent disks are free to rotate independently of each other around the same center.
Anemometer / Wind vane
This instrument is used to measure the speed and direction of the wind. It uses a small fan that rotates due to the air passing through the fins. The rotational speed of the fan is measured by a rotation meter and converted to wind speed by an electronic circuit.

Electronic Thermometers
The electronic thermometers are used for accurate temperature measurement. Changes in temperature cause changes in the resistance of the device. The device measures the resistance and converts it to temperature, which is displayed on the screen.

COD Measuring Device Device for measuring the chemical oxygen demand (COD).
Compressor A device that converts engine power into kinetic energy by compressing air.

Recorder--- Stylitis-40 This device can measure direct electrical voltage, frequency and pulse. Using the appropriate sensors it can also measure: wind speed, wind direction and wind turbine power curve, temperature, humidity, pressure, solar radiation, rainfall levels and water velocity.

Solid Particles Settler  
Toxicity measurement
Photovoltaic Systems Equipment Certification Thermal camera (Irisys32), Gauge curve IV Curve (Solar IV), Multi-organ Fluke 1654B, Digital Multimeter (Fluke 289), Digital Clamp Meter (Fluke 376), Tools for P/V Inspections (Facom Tools),Angle meter (Bosh GAM 220), Torque (Dremotec), Luxometer (KIMO LX100), Rangefinder laser (Vosch_dle_70), Recording of environmental parameters (Kimo 200).
Distillation Device With this device, water can be distilled in order to remove the various salts in it.

This device consists of a light source, one or two photoelectric detectors and a device for direct reading of the light intensity. It is used to measure turbidity in a liquid. 

Precision Scales
The precision scales can measure the weight of small objects with high accuracy. The resolution is of the order of a hundredth of a gram.

Geiger--Müller Device A particle detector which measures ionizing radiation.

Electronic pH meter
A device that is used to measure the ph (acidity or alkalinity) of a liquid.
Electronic Conductivity meter
Reagents & Experiment Containers
The  Spectrophotometer is a device that measures the intensity of a selected frequency radiation. The first part of the spectrometer consists of a source of radiation. The second part is what separates the desired wavelength (frequency) of the other generating wavelengths the source produces, thus allowing third party "monochromatic" radiation. The third part is where the sample is placed to be measured and the last part is where the meter of radiation ultimately "passes" (not absorbed) through the sample.

Energy Usage Monitor  
Hybrid Station Scale Model  
Interactive Whiteboard
Laboratory Area The laboratory area, in the third room of the laboratory, where most of the experiments and measurements take place. The hybrid installation control panel also resides here. 

Lectures area The area where the lectures take place.
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