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Originally Published Scientific Papers -- Volume I,II,III,IV

Starting from the late 80’s, this series of volumes includes a collection and a synthesis of published in international scientific journals research papers, written by Dr John (Ioannis) K. Kaldellis.

The mission and the objective of the current Edition is to compile the author’s published work in an integrated whole and at the same time with the aid of the chronological classification of the publications investigate the priorities and the evolution of the scientific and research interests of the author.

Throughout the Edition, organization, synthesis and allocation of the published papers in different volumes is based entirely on their evolution and publication chronological order, while for originality purposes, all research papers of the Edition are set out exactly in the form that they appear in the respective scientific journal of that time, without any intervention or change in their presentation.

As a last remark of this short notice, one may realize that the present Edition, comprising of the compilation and synthesis of the author’s research work, reflects possibly in the most clear and reliable way the evolution, progress and scientific course of the author throughout the years.

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