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Purpose of Seminars

The Seminars Buildings Energy Audit aim to prepare members of the technical and scientific staff to address the urgent and important need of energy saving buildings in Greece.

The Center for Technological Research of Piraeus & Islands and the Soft Energy Applications and Environmental Protection developed the know-how that covers the essential knowledge and practical techniques, so that engineers who participate in the seminar, will be able to conduct energy assessments and studies in residential and tertiary buildings in use.

The theoretical and practical training covering the seminar follows the substance and direction of Directive 2002/91/EC of the European Union for the energy performance of buildings and Directive 2006/32/EC on energy end-use efficiency and energy services. These Directives have already become part of Greek law with the approval of the Energy Performance of Buildings Regulations. The Presidential Ordinance establishes the qualifications of Energy Inspectors for buildings, boilers and heating and air conditioning systems), but also issues technical guidance from the Technical Chamber of Greece.

The program modules include references to the current and the proposed framework, at the Energy Audit and Design and in the Career prospects presented in the Greek and international market documenting the need for efficient use of energy and emphasizing such environmental impacts.

the contents of the seminars are:

  •   Basic energy terms
  •   Meteorological and climate data
  •   Heat Transfer
  •   Basics of E / M installations
  •   Energy applications, energy efficiency improvement actions
  •   Regulations of Energy Performance of Buildings
  •   Methodologies for calculating energy performance of buildings
  •   Building thermal insulation efficiency
  •   Calculation of primary energy consumption
  •   Example of energy study
  •   Internship (Software, EPA-NR, 4M, EpaCAD, tee-KENAK) - European Standards ISO 13790
  •   Site Energy Audit - Measurements - Energy Certificate Issue
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