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Renewable Energy Sources I (Theory)

The laboratory module "Renewable Energy Sources I (Theory)" is offered in the 5th semester of studies in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, as part of the taught courses on RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCES and ENVIRONMENT module.

This module is related to the "Renewable Energy Sources I (Laboratory)", "Renewable Energy Sources II(Theory and Laboratory)" and "Energy Mechanics and Natural Resources Management" modules.

The following issues, among others, are examined in this module:

  •   Introduction to the Global Energy and the Environmental Problems
  •   Acquaintance with Renewable Energy Advantages-Disadvantages
  •   Wind Energy, Wind Machines, Operating Features, Global Status of National Wind-Applications
  •   Wind Resource Assessment, Wind Energy Installations Performance
  •   Sustainability and Economic Assessment of Wind Energy Investments
  •   Environmental-Social Cost of Energy Use
  •   Wind Turbines Aerodynamics, Wind Farms
  •   Calculation of Solar Radiation, Effect of Surfaces inclination
  •   Introduction to solar panels: Sustainability and Performance
  •   PV Systems, P-N Connections, Operation Assessment
  •   Introduction to Agricultural Greenhouses, Solar Energy Applications
  •   Geothermal Energy and Environment, Geothermal Applications
  •   Aquatic Potential, Small Hydroelectric Plants, Reversible Hydroelectric
  •   Energy and Biomass, Biogas Production and Processing , Biofuels
  •   Legislation, Applications Funding, Development Incentives
  •   Other Renewable Energy Sources (Wave Energy, Tidal Waves, Energy Oceans Photoelectrochemical Conversion etc.)
  •   Introduction to "Fuel Cells" Technology
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