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Research Activities

The Laboratory of Soft Energy Applications & Environmental Protection carries out applied research mainly within national and European research programs in collaboration with public and private entities, while placing a strong emphasis on the development of basic research, which although not funded is one of the destinations of educational Laboratories in Greece, contributing to the development of science and the continuous improvement of the educational process.

In this context, systematic research efforts are made in Energy Technologies and in particular all of RES, the Techno-Economic Analysis and Evaluation of Energy Systems, Environmental Protection and Pollution Control Technologies. More specifically, the Laboratory investigates the following areas:

  •   Planning-Programming Energy Investments Implementation Based on RES
  •   Evaluation of Wind, Solar and Aquatic Resources
  •   Calculation of Energy Production of Wind Farms, Solar Installations and Small Hydroelectric Power Plants
  •   Optimal Siting of Energy Stations Based on RES
  •   Feasibility Assessment of Viability in Energy Investments
  •   Planning of Installation and Maintenance of Power Station based on RES
  •   Determination of Maximum Penetration of RES (Wind-Solar Energy) in Autonomous Power Networks
  •   Energy Analysis and Optimal Design of Wind-reversible hydro plants
  •   Energy Planning and Viability Analysis of Autonomous Hybrid Power Plant for Remote Users (Residential, telecommunication stations, lighthouses, etc.)
  •   Energy and Feasibility Assessment of Energy Storage Systems
  •   Development of Solar Thermal Systems
  •   Design of Sun and Geothermal Greenhouse
  •   Energy-Economic Analysis for Plants utilising Biomass-Biofuel
  •   Investigation of Environmental Impact of Energy Projects
  •   Analysis and Design of Desalination Plants
  •   Environmental Assessment of Energy Stations Based on RES
  •   Inventory of Social Acceptance of RES (eg wind farms, photovoltaic, small hydro plants) in Greece
  •   Assessment of Atmospheric Pollution of Large Power Plants
  •   Excellent Design of Waste Collection Systems and Urban Waste Management for Large Urban Municipalities
  •   Design of Energy Saving in Buildings of the Tertiary Sector and Industrial Units
  •   Design of Rational Use Systems and Energy Efficiency in Building Sector
  •   Design of Cogeneration Systems using Natural Gas
  •   Information-Awareness of Citizens in Environmental Protection Issues
  •   Assessment of Energy Reserve-Alternative Fuels
  •   Development and Evaluation of Teaching Methods on Energy and Environment
  •   Information-Awareness of Citizens on energy saving and adoption of Renewable Energy Projects
  •   Aero-thermodynamic Design of fluid dynamics machinery
  •   Computational Simulation and Experimental Evaluation of the flow field in Complex Geometries

The published scientific-research activities of S.E.A.LAB refer to the following topics:

  •   Feasibility Assessment of Investment in RES
  •   Optimization of Hybrid Power Plants for Remote Areas
  •   Energy Analysis and Optimal Design of Wind-reversible hydro plants
  •   Combined Applications of Autonomous Wind-Solar Installations
  •   Evaluation Energy Storage Systems
  •   Social Assessment - Environmental Costs in the Energy Sector
  •   Technological developments in the field of Wind - Solar Energy
  •   Utilization of Water Resources
  •   Rational Management and Energy Conservation in the Building and Industry Sector
  •   Prediction of Flow Field of High Speed Fluid dynamics Machinery
  •   Social Acceptance of Wind Applications
  •   Air Pollution
  •   Effects of Air Pollution on Susceptible Populations
  •   Standardization and Catalyst Recycling
  •   Desalination Using Renewable Energy Sources
  •   Technologies for Waste Management and Recycling
  •   Applications of Wastewater Treatment
  •   Energy Resources and Alternative Fuels
  •   Modern Education in the Fields of Energy and the Environment
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