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Atmospheric Pollution – Antipollution Technologies

The optional course  "Atmospheric Pollution – Antipollution Technologies" is offered as part of RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCES and ENVIRONMENT courses.

This module is related to the "Environment and Industrial Development",  "Basic Principles of Ecology", "Waste Treatement Facilities (Theory and Laboratory)" and "Technology of Environmental Measurements (Theory and Laboratory)" modules.

The following subjects are included in this module:

  •   Basic Concepts of Atmospheric Pollution, Historical Reference to the Problems of Atmospheric Pollution, Air Pollution Sources
  •   A brief presentation of the main air pollutants, Air Pollution Measurement Units, Grade Risk gaseous pollutants
  •   Introduction to Physics-Chemistry of the Atmosphere, Meteorology Fundamentals, Introduction to Applied Aerodynamics
  •   Case Study of Air Pollution Problems from industries, dispersion of air pollutants in urban areas, Air Pollution Abstraction Mechanisms
  •   Gauss Standard, Calculation of Concentration of gaseous pollutants
  •   ATDL Model, Applications to Prediction of Pollution in Urban Areas
  •   Cloud-smog, traffic-based pollution
  •   Atmospheric Pollution and Energy Production, Reduce-pollution Methods, Introduction to Electrostatic Filters
  •   Air Pollution Boiler Emission Measurements and Pollution Control Technologies in the Tertiary Sector
  •   Transport and Air Pollution, catalytic air pollution control, electro-Solar Car
  •   Air Pollution Reduction Technologies in the Industrial Sector, desulfurization process - denitrification
  •   Long Recording Package Details of Atmospheric Pollution, National and International Databases
  •   Methods for Monitoring Air Pollution, Air Sampling and Analysis
  •   Standard Methods for determination of pollutants in the atmosphere
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