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ΕΔ 1990
  1. Kaldellis J., Douvikas D., Falchetti F., Papailiou K.D., 1990, "A Secondary Flow Calculation Method for Axial Flow Transonic-Supersonic Compressors, Including Shock-Secondary Flow Interaction", ASME Transactions, Journal of Turbomachinery, Vol.112, pp.652-668.
  2. Kaldellis J., Ktenidis P., 1990, "High Turning Limit and Jet Like Profiles in Secondary Flow Field of Axial Turbines", ASME Paper 90-GT-327, Brussels
  3. Kaldellis J., Ktenidis P., Kodossakis D., 1990, "Energy Exchange and Secondary Losses Prediction in High Speed Axial and Radial Compressors", ASME Paper 90-GT-229, Brussels
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